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  • Weight: 25 Lbs. each
  • Height: 31"
  • Width: 3" at the top coupler end - 29" at the full length spread
  • Colors: Red, Dark Blue,Yellow and Orange (All OEM on request)
  • The 1"X 2" legs are constructed from mild steel with a wall thickness of .065"
  • The legs are MIG-welded for increased strength
  • The legs are closed and sealed at the bottom to prevent moisture contamination
  • The top coupler is 3" Schedule 80 steel pipe

Click to enlarge The STUD HORSE™ A-Frames are made of powder coated steel tubing and feature a unique backbone of 2" PVC schedule 80 conduit rather than the typical wood 2x4. This allows the rotational ability of the horse's support legs to adapt to irregular surface levels. Once adjusted, the horse's legs are locked into position by the sturdy threaded GIB-screws supplied with the saw horse.

Click to enlarge Have an unusual surface or obstacle you have to work around to accomplish your task? No problem. The STUD HORSE™ legs will rotate left or right to accomodate these uneven ground conditions, something that other sawhorses cannot do!

Click to enlarge Robust in size when necessary for large tasks, the STUD HORSE™ can be shortened or lengthened simply by varying the length of the PVC conduit that makes up its backbone. For sawing operations a protective 2x4 can easily be attached to the PVC backbone using a couple of deck screws.

Click to enlarge One Stud Horse™ consists of 2 A frames, 1 PVC backbone and 2 Gib screws. Each horse is packed in its own box. You are purchasing a set of 2 Stud horses. We ship two boxes taped together as one package to reduce shipping costs. All of our current saw horses are powder coated in a rich red color.

Click to enlarge The STUD HORSE™ breaks down for easy storage and/or easy transport to and from the job site. Say good-bye to bulky saw horses filling up the bed of your truck! The STUD HORSE™ is the smart choice!